We are a new chain of hotels with Dominican capital under international standards and projection. Our mission is to revolutionize the hotel industry in the country, positioning it as one of the main tourist attractions in the world, through the creation of alternative options for alternative tourism and magical experiences for all who visit or reside on the island.

Tanama Group is managed and directed by a talented team of young Dominicans and from different Latin American countries, led by the young Javier Bonnet, entrepreneur of the Real Estate industry.

For mayor owner/hotel (50%+1)

High profitability and revenue (8 acres) Total condominium control,
Ameneties & comercial control

For independent owners

Our objective with Tanama Lodge is to promote the Condo-hotel model, as an effective investment solution where people can acquire a property to obtain fixed income as a second home, reside or vacation in it, and at the same time have the added value of have hotel services available 24/7 by a qualified staff and oriented to produce for them.

Why Punta Cana?

Tourism represented the second activity with the greatest impact on GDP growth during the first half of 2017, second only to the financial sector. The increase was 4%.

Dominican Republic received tourism revenue of US $ 7,177.5 million at the end of 2017 Approximately 6 million visitors arrived in 2017

In the construction sector it exhibits a growth rate of 15.2% in the last quarter of 2017

Travelers from Russia increased this semester by more than 200%, going from 120,000 and placing themselves in the fifth country that sends tourists to the Dominican Republic.

Tanama Lodge, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Controlled with the ownership of the 3 commercial and hotel buildings that provide direct services; This together with 54% control over the votes the condominium and 59% of the rooms available


CONDO-HOTEL strategically located in the most privileged area of Punta Cana, just 2 minutes from the villas of USD $ 30MM, the main Marina of the Caribbean, the best stables, golf courses and 2 corners of the best private university.


The condominium consists of more than 30,000 square meters of area, spectacular amenities, 160 apartments for a total of 300 rooms.


Tanama Lodge is definitely the most spectacular URBAN HOTEL next to the best PUNTA CANA beaches.

Only 10 minutes from the Punta Cana airport and 3 minutes from the beach.

Next to the best golf courses in the Caribbean designed by the 3 world leaders: Tom Fazio, Pete Dye or Jack Nicklaus

The only Inshore Marina in the Dominican Republic and the most important in the Caribbean Near to Los Establos hourse club and POLO Tournament courses.

The Punta Cana terminal, in 2017, received a total of 3,620,711 non-resident foreign passengers, representing 67.7% of foreign tourists traveling to the Republic.

The neurons of a hotel project are the EXPERIENCES that each CUSTOMER takes in the heart, and their stories of endless happiness expand like the wind, because a client can forget -what they told him- or -what they did to him-, but he will never forget what he felt being there.

– Bohio International

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