Business Opportunities

We are open to receive investors from around the world available to invest on secure projects related to Real Estate.

We are looking for projects that requires additional funds that we can provide to start a New Construction or to finish an incomplete one. Any of these considerations will be analyzed in order to have approved.

Our Team

We work with LEN GROUP which is a large organization created to solve the Construction-Sale-Resale procedure. Al new project need funds to start and finish, Once is finished many investors will be looking to buy for rent or resale, another ones will buy to live there.

LEN GROUP has created the perfect combination and partnership with Aurora Financial, Bohio International, and INRA (international Real Estate Association) providing a great sales capacity to move forward with your project in a timely manner.

We work together to offer you the best service possible

Aurora Financial, LLC

Connect entrepreneurs that build Real Estate Projects with worldwide investors

Explain and show the Real Estate projects, inviting Investors to buy properties for Re-Sale or Rent.


Manage the Listings for final customers and connect them to Licensed Real Estate Agents located worldwide.

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