Located in LA CABRERA. This is an spectacular small size hotel with a great ocean view and excellent business opportunity.





La Cabrera, Dominican Republic

La Casa del Capitán Hotel

Located in Cabrera, 5 minutes away from the Beach and the Village Center, Fully Private Residence, spacious rooms with air conditioning and a beautiful view of the sea.

Measured by Square Meters:

Main house

Ladder: 8.50 m2
1st level including the basement: 375 m2
2nd level: 213 m2
Half Bathroom: 2.15 m2
Full Bathroom: 4.25 m2
Bar: 67 m2
Main Hall: 25.40 m2
Heater: 16 m2
Laundry: 25 m2
Room employees: 24 m2
Warehouse: 34 m2


Yacusi: 25 m2
Pool: 83 m2
Perimeter Area: 293 m2
2nd level balcony with sea view: 25 m2
Helicopter landing: 60 m2


Entrance: 6.22 m2
Dining room: 44.60 m2


7 Rooms of: 28.50 m2
1 Room of 20 m2
1 Room of 18 m2
Balcony of the rooms: 4.75 m2


4 Hallways to access the rooms: 3.75 m2

Guest Services

Air conditioner
Cable TV
Core items
Area to work with notebooks

Cabrera Town


Cabrera is a town in María Trinidad Sánchez province, Dominican Republic. It is located at the eastern end of the country’s north coast, at the western extreme of the Scottish Bay, 130 kilometers north of Santo Domingo.

It is a small town with little tourism infrastructure. Cabrera is one of the towns located between Rio San Juan and Nagua, in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez. It is also the home to many very famous luxury vacation villas, all located within Orchid Bay Estates, such as Villa Castellamonte, Sunrise Villa, Casa Kimball, and many more who regularly rent out to foreigners. Nearby is the equally popular Playa Grande Beach Club & Resort

The town was originally named ‘Tres Amarras’, the name it used to be called since its foundation day on July 1, 1891. The city was renamed to ‘Cabrera’ in honor of the hero of the Capotillo Battle, General José Cabrera. Today Cabrera has a territorial area of 276 km². With a population of over 39,000, Cabrera unlike most towns located on the coasts does not depend so much on tourism. Cabrera’s main source of income is cattle, meat, and milk. In the agricultural aspect, production of coconuts and rice are noticeable sources as well.

Cabrera is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Dominican Republic. Located facing the Atlantic, Cabrera has one of the most beautiful beaches, rivers, exotic vegetation and many natural attractions. A National Park reserve is located in El Breton, a small section of Cabrera called Cabo Francés Viejo (Cape Old Frenchman).

Cabrera’s mainstream religion is the Christian Evangelic Church; this is not true for most towns in the island since Catholicism is the official religion in the Dominican Republic. However, Cabrera has a prominent and recently renovated Catholic church located in the city center.

This project allows you to invest in a Hotel with a running business. Investment About 1.2M. Feel free to ask for investment price, location, visits, and The Business Model.

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